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Production workflow

Let’s make a video.

Steps to get you on the right track.


1. Identify your key message

Whatever your overall message is, reducing the entire video to a few key words is essential. You must be understood easily and your key message is the foundation to the success of your video. What is the single most important point that your audience must retain? Identify that, and other sub-key points will naturally follow.

2. Know your audience

The content of your video along with its audience has to be in harmony in how it is produced. When this harmony is achieved, it not only produces a great product, but it also narrows the gap between the viewer and the message of the video.

One effective method as seen in the video below is to allow the viewer to arrive to the message through a guided viewing experience, known as storytelling. The actual format and how the story is told is directly influenced by the audience and by pre-production creative sessions.

Example of a storytelling video

3. Components
Motion graphics vs Live action vs 3D

Now that you have your key message and your target audience identified, time to select the style that best suits your budget. This process is completely organic and one option isn’t necessarily better than the other.

Options chosen during this stage will be determined based on budget needs and by the content of the video. Some concepts are better depicted through motion graphics, others through 3D animation or live action. We simply choose the right fit. This is a guided process, during which each option is explained and considered.

Motion graphics with 3D

Live action with 3D

4. Production, a dynamic collaboration

Best results are achieved through successful collaboration. You know your product best. We simply become an extension of you and collaboratively produce an amazing video.

Key production steps:
1. Project meeting and production schedule
2. Script development
3. Talent or media selection (voice-over, on-camera and soundtrack)
4. Video development (live action/2D/3D/motion graphics)
5. Approval of audio (mixed with music)
6. 2-3 rounds of video approvals
7. Finalized and delivered


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